Quite simply, beautiful, relaxed and natural photography

A few words from your photographers

Darryl says…

"Wedding photography has changed massively in the last 5 years. Believe me, you have never had it so good!

Everyone from Uncle Bob (the family friend with camera) is out there having a go at a weekend - burning files to  CD for your approval.....  It really does appear that anyone can be a photographer these days.

We work on the presumption that if you are looking at our web site, then you possibly may be requiring something a little bit, shall we say.......more special, more guaranteed and more professional from your photography.

Quite simply (and I'm going to boast here) if you want amazing wedding photography, are willing and keen to stand in front of our cameras and look fabulous, then look no further.

Let us take the worry and uncertainty about the photography for your wedding away from you..... Tick!

We specialise in traditional wedding portraiture and photojournalistic photography. We focus on classic images, such as the happy couple and groups of friends and family, that will still appear fresh and timeless in so many years to come. We always try to be as unobtrusive as possible and show detail as it naturally unfolds so that you can look back on all of those special fleeting moments. We are meticulous about details and want your day to be as memorable and fun as you do."

… and Heather (who doesn't say a lot)

"We have always photographed a wedding exactly the way we would have wanted our wedding photographed.

In my humble opinion a photographer needs to know how to conduct themselves professionally and discreetly at a wedding.Yes they need to be fun and have a big warm peronality, but they also need to know when to step forward when required and have the ability to be in the correct place at the precise moment when something important is about to happen.

I believe we make it look so easy. In reality though it isn't quite like that - What about when the clouds open up at the worst moment? or the sun is too bright with no shade? or you have a vicar that shall we say is......a little frosty and all fire and brimstone. Then there is the obvious......you may have some interesting family dynamics to deal with - Nervous bride, divorced parents that aren't talking......You still have to not only capture some good shots from each situation, but actually get some fabulous images that represent what is happening and what is relevant.....All good fun and we have lots of it at your wedding along side you.